Hiring Java Software Engineers in My team at Hotels.com

At Hotels.com I look after the development of the Hotels.com search experience, along with the core backend services that power up front end applications.

We have Java Software Engineer vacancies, where you’d be working with cool technologies like Cassandra, SOLR, Kafka, Redis in an Agile (Scrum or Kanban) environment and a beautiful office.

The Job Description is below, as well as photos of our offices and environment.

And if you are interested in working for the world’s biggest travel company, and would like to apply, do one of these:

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As a Java Software Engineer working in the Hotels.com Core Services team, you will help ensure the services are fast, available, scalable and developed to support exceptional demand.

You will participate in the design, development and deployment of services to run the Hotels.com search experience. In an environment with a DevOps mindset you will manage, automate and make decisions that influence applications and services that serve millions of customers from around the world.

The role is in a small, self-organised team that is operating in Kanban.

General Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, debug, and modifies components of software applications and tools.
  • Review and influence ongoing design, architecture, standards and methods for operating services and systems
  • Follow through on details and drive issues to closure.
  • Respond to and resolve emergent service problems; write software and build automation to prevent problem recurrence
  • Collaborate with product management and testing peers in the development of assigned components.
  • Participates in and provides input to requirements definition.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree in science (Computer Science / Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering) • Programming experience in one or more of the following: Java, Scala, and Groovy
  • Extensive experience in backend / services programming
  • Technical analysis and object oriented programming
  • Non Relational Data Stores (Cassandra, Redis)
  • OS: Unix, Linux

Additional Qualifications:

  • Experience in network programming and/or developing/designing large software systems
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced Agile (Scrum) environment
  • Experience of working in a Kanban environment
  • Experience of working with the following technologies: SOLR, Kafka
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